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Monterey Bay: Bountiful and Biodiverse - Livestream

Sea Otters

We are honored to host award-winning wildlife photographer, Jodi Frediani, for her presentation, “Monterey Bay: Bountiful and Biodiverse.” Monterey Bay, nature’s magic kingdom, is a place of wonder, discovery, and beauty. A myriad of marine species from phytoplankton to enormous blue whales use Monterey Bay as their home or critical habitat. Animals migrate tens of thousands of miles to this special place. Its rich ecosystem stretches miles deep and has far-reaching effects. Monterey Bay and surrounding waters were designated as the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary in 1992. As a federally protected area, it runs from Marin to Cambria. The heart of the sanctuary is the 25-mile wide bay that stretches between Santa Cruz and Monterey/Pacific Grove.

“Monterey Bay: Bountiful and Biodiverse” will focus on dozens of the species that inhabit the bay itself. We will take a photographic journey visiting most of the marine mammals and many of the smaller creatures that call the Bay home. We’ll observe the behaviors of species such as transient killer whales, blue, fin, gray, and, of course, humpback whales. We’ll check out a variety of dolphins and porpoises, southern sea otters, sea lions and harbor seals, some sea birds, Mola molas, and the various species they all feed on.

Consider this presentation as a celebration of the biodiversity of this “Serengeti of the Sea” in our backyards.

Tuesday, 08/23/22


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