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Science Sunday: The Human Story Behind Your Fish - Livestream

Following major concerns in the environmental sustainability of seafood production, over the last several decades, governments, NGOs, researchers, and industry have invested significant resources in trying to reduce overfishing, minimize environmental impacts of fishing and aquaculture activity, and build supply chain incentives and consumer awareness around seafood sustainability.

Much of these science, management, and advocacy efforts have largely ignored the other side of the equation - the human story behind seafood production. Recent controversial advocacy efforts have even suggested avoiding seafood consumption altogether. Hundreds of millions of people worldwide depend on the seafood sector for their livelihood, half of whom are women, and billions of people rely on fish as their primary source of protein and micronutrients. For many, fishing is much more than food and livelihood security, but is an identity, a culture, and a way of life. Yet, recent research and media exposure has brought increased attention to pervasive human rights violations and the myriad social issues facing the sector, providing the impetus for people to come together to address these issues.

Join Elena Finkbeiner, Ph.D. in an online webinar to explore the human story behind seafood production. Who depends on this sector and who is the most impacted? What efforts are currently underway to protect human lives in seafood supply chains? What are these efforts missing and what can be done in the future?

Sunday, 08/21/22


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Seymour Marine Discovery Center

, CA