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An Introduction to Telescopes

This presentation is geared toward people who are new to astronomy and considering buying a telescope, but don't know what to buy. The different types of telescopes will be discussed, as well as how they work, and advantages and disadvantages of each type. The talk will cover the best types of telescopes for beginners. (Hint: There is no one best type, the best type for you depends on what you want to do with the telescope.) Newer technologies in telescopes, such as electronic eyepieces, will also be included in the discussion. Telescopes for astrophotography will also be discussed, but this will not be the "focus" of the talk.

Speaker: Eric Dueltgen, Tri Valley Stargazers

Attend online (see instructions in weblink) or in person

Friday, 08/19/22


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Tri-Valley Stargazers

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