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SitePassword: A Different Kind of Password Manager - Livestream

Do you use a password manager? You should. How else are you going to have a different strong password for every site you log into. There are plenty to choose from. The problem is that they remember your passwords for you, which means you are dependent on them. What if yours goes out of business, as one with over 100,000 users recently did?

SitePassword is different. It doesn't remember your passwords; it calculates them. You can get your password as long as you can remember one strong password along with your user id and nickname for the site. That puts you in full control of your passwords.

In this talk I'll explain how SitePassword works and give a demo. I'll discuss some human factors considerations and include a few war stories describing some of the strange things websites do on their login pages. There are security issues relevant to all password managers, and I'll explain how SitePassword addresses them.

Speaker: Alan Karp, EARTH Computing

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Wednesday, 01/18/23


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