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Marine Invertebrate Responses to Changing Environments

Marine environments are not uniform or constant, and animals have a variety of responses to such change. Phenotypic plasticity, the ability of a single genotype to produce different phenotypes, and local adaptation, differences among populations under different conditions, are important responses for a variety of animals that live in changing conditions. But, at present, we do not know which of these is more likely when animals are faced with new anthropogenically induced changes, like species introductions or ocean acidification, and whether past experience with variable environments affects responses to new change. I will present work we have done with molluscs regarding environmental change, including responses to different food environments and the presence or absence of predators. We have also been exploring plasticity and the potential for local adaptation in response to introduced predators for gastropods and in response to ocean acidification for bivalves.

Speaker: Dianna Padilla, Stony Brook University

Attend in person or online.

Editor's Note: As we list this, the web page for the event has conflicting information as to time and date.  It is listed as Wednesday, March 15 in one place, and Wednesday March 16 in another.  The 15th is Wednesday.  Start time is listed as 3:30 in one place and 3:40 in another.  This weekly seminar is usually held on Wednesdays at 3:30, so that's what we are listing.

Wednesday, 03/15/23


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