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Wonderfest: Ask a Science Envoy: Biodiversity & Cosmic Maps - Livestream

Maria Viteri and Tyler Cox

Exhuming the Dead to Save the Living

Earth is experiencing a crisis in biodiversity. Surprisingly, the fossil record offers key insights for understanding this crisis, and one scientist's lifelong fascination with dinosaurs - leading to a career in conservation biology - is helping to combat the biodiversity challenge of the present ... and of the future.

Speaker: Maria Viteri, Stanford University

Creating the Largest-Ever Maps of the Universe


New datasets from the James Webb Space Telescope have begun to reveal some of the oldest known galaxies in the universe. But what lies beyond these extremely remote objects, and what more can we learn by going deeper? Next-generation experiments are working to map the most distant regions of the universe to help explain the origins of the first galaxies.

Speaker: Tyler Cox, UC Berkeley

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Monday, 03/27/23


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