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Data Dignity and the Inversion of AI

Jaron Lanier

In this talk, Jaron Lanier will discuss a piece he published in The New Yorker (“There Is No AI”) about applying data dignity ideas to artificial intelligence (AI). Large-model AI can be reconceived as a social collaboration between the people who provided data to the model in the form of text, images and other modalities. This is a figure/ground inversion of the usual conception of AI as being a participant or collaborator in its own right. Explanations of model results and behaviors would then center around the relative influence of specific inputs through a provenance calculation mechanism. This formulation suggests new and different strategies for long-term economics in the context of high-performance AI, as well as more concrete approaches to many safety, fairness and alignment questions.

Speaker: Jaron Lanier, Microsoft

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Wednesday, 09/13/23


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Sutardja Dai Hall

UC Berkeley
Banatao Auditorium
Berkeley, CA 94720