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This is Not Your Usual Heat Extreme - Livestream

2023 has seen heat records smashed around the world in places like Phoenix, AZ, where temperatures of 110 degrees or more continued for over 30 straight days. Rising temperatures and increased heat have been accurately projected in climate change modeling, but to describe 2023 temperatures as the new normal is inaccurate; we are just beginning to feel the effects of a changing climate, and things will likely get worse. How much worse it gets depends on our ability to mitigate GHG emissions and implement adaptation measures. 

Stanford scientists and other climate experts will discuss what we know about extreme heat and the range of possible future scenarios we should reasonably prepare for. They will discuss the health implications of extreme heat for people, especially vulnerable populations, and highlight additional significant impacts on the planet and nature.


Noah Diffenbaugh, Senior Fellow, Stanford Woods Institute for the Environment

Lisa Patel, Clinical Associate Professor, Pediatrics, Stanford Medicine

Paul Schramm, Climate Science Team Lead, Climate and Health Program, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Moderated by Chris Field, Perry L. McCarty Director of the Stanford Woods Institute for the Environment

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Tuesday, 09/12/23


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