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The Secret Life of Harbor Porpoises, New Insights into Mating Behavior and Implications for Conservation - Livestream

Please join us as we hear from acclaimed cetacean expert, Marc Webber, as he reports on the sex lives of Harbor Porpoises. We will be treated to a sneak preview of his chapter in an upcoming book, “Sex in Cetaceans: Morphology, Behavior, and the Evolution of Sexual Strategies”. Marc will focus on the unique lateralized mating behavior of the species and cover the anatomy and the evolutionary processes behind it. He will review what we know about mating behavior and anatomy in all other members of the porpoise family, aka, Phocoenidae, and contrast it to harbor porpoises. Finally, Marc will enlighten us how understanding mating behavior and reproduction in a species can help us in conservation efforts to protect their essential habitat.

Tuesday, 09/26/23


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