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Application of LoRa Protocol in IoT

Roberto Medina

The rapid evolution of the Internet of Things (IoT) necessitates robust and efficient communication protocols. This lecture zooms in on the LoRa (Long Range) protocol, heralded for its superior range and low power consumption in IoT applications. While traditional Wi-Fi and cellular technologies have their merits, LoRa stands out in scenarios demanding extended communication distances with minimal energy draw.

To provide a clear perspective, we compare LoRa with other leading technologies on parameters like performance, range, power consumption, security, cost, and application suitability. Through real-world case studies, attendees will glean insights into LoRa's distinct advantages and potential challenges. By the lecture's end, participants will have a nuanced understanding of where and how LoRa fits into the broader IoT communication landscape.

Speaker: Roberto Medina, Sesteco

Attend in person or online here. Passcode: 2009A

Thursday, 09/21/23


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